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You were made for A TIME SUCH AS THIS!

Lori Landin

  • Founder & CEO of Challenge Consulting and Design / Agency
  • Founder of "The Giving Heart Movement"
  • ​International Speaker
  • ​Optimal Life Designer, Board Certified Health Coach, Certified Essential Oil Coach
  • ​Certified Challenge Consultant - Trained, Mentored, & Certified by Pedro Adao, "The Challenge Guy" & #1 Go-To Industry Expert on Challenges
  • ​Master Degree in Music Conducting / Educator, Conductor, Director, Performer, Composer
  • ​One of my greatest desires has been to become FREE TO GIVE and to Live with the 5 FREEDOMS

    In this Group Coaching Program...

    You will have the opportunity to begin designing your ONLINE BUSINESS based on your PASSION & PURPOSE.

    You will also have the chance to start mapping out or creating your OPTIMAL LIFE based on the 5 FREEDOMS!

    You have it within you to make a make an impact and to make lifestyle-changing income.

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    I am honored to take this journey with you.

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    Nita Luchian, Canada

    "After having only one conversation with Lori, I feel like I can actually achieve all my business goals."

    Chad Nelson, Spain

    "Lori is clearly invested in her clients' success..."

    Lori Raupe, California

    "If you need to hone in your online challenge designs, she is an amazing thinking partner!"

    Adam Murray, Florida

    "So Lori's been, throughout the whole process, super, super, helpful! If you ever get a chance to work with Lori, don't delay!  She's awesome!
    She will be there every step of the way for you and help you make sure that your challenges are a success!"

    Ricardo Van Rooi, South Africa

    "The first session I was blown away!"

    Nadezhda Khvorostian, 
    Ukraine / Canada

    "I highly recommend Lori's Consulting the end of the day you need the result."

    Ellen Tyler, USA

    "I learned a long time ago to always talk to anyone who might have insight and influence."

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